ANiPeptANiPept™ is the trade name for protein hydrolysates of animal origin manufactured according to the proprietary ANiMOX process, which contain peptides and the full spectrum of amino acids and has a peptide and amino acid content of approximately 95 %. The size of the peptides in the mixture can be precisely customized by varying the process conditions to meet the specified requirements. The resulting material is a novel, platform chemical and is a suitable main component for a wide range of chemical formulations.


ANiPeptâ„¢ is used in the chemical industry as a raw material or component in engineered wood products, binders for mineral wool, semi-finished polymer products, industrial foams, polymers, films, fibers, packaging materials and coatings.


ANiPeptâ„¢ is primarily used in biotechnology industry as a nitrogen source for the cultivation of microorganisms. Growth experiments with different model-organisms have confirmed its extraordinary microbiological usability. AniPeptâ„¢ is a cost-effective, customizable, sustainable competitor to conventional nutrient substrates (peptone, casein, yeast extract) produced by established manufacturers.



ANiMOX opens development laboratory in Kaliningrad with partners BIOTECH and KSTU

A development laboratory for process development for the production of protein products from residues of the food industry in the Kaliningrad area was opened on 09.11.2017 by ANiMOX...

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Lecture by Dr. Axel Höhling/ANiMOX at Proteina 2017 in Magdeburg

Axel Höhling will give a lecture at the Proteina in Magdeburg with the title: Rapeseed proteins from de-oiling residues for coating materials, detergents, cleaning agents, binders and lubricants. 

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