Process development

AutoklavANiMOX develops new processes for the use of organic raw materials and residues with the aim of recycling them and avoiding waste and waste costs. Different thermal, enzymatic and physical extraction and hydrolysis steps can be used, to carry out the necessary experiments. Especially in the field of thermal pressure hydrolysis, in combination with enzymatic and mechanical modules, ANiMOX has an outstanding experience and competence.



Key points of the process developments are:

  • Thermal pressure hydrolysis for the simultaneous extraction of aqueous protein phases and fat phases from organic residues
  • Enzymatic hydrolysis and extraction of raw materials
  • Combination of enzymatic hydrolysis with thermo-pressure hydrolysis as pre- or post-treatment
  • Screening of a wide range of engineering enzymes from different manufacturers (proteases, cellulases, pectinases, lipases, etc.) for optimal yields and specific product requirements such as molecular weight or viscosity
  • Testing decolorization and filtration steps to improve product quality
  • Use of different concentration and drying methods such as freeze drying, spray drying and vacuum evaporation for product recovery
  • Developing innovative technical processes and technology combinations
  • Analysis, balancing and optimization of material flows in production plants


As results you get:

  • Processes with mass flow balances and SOPs for industrial implementation for upscaling
  • Samples of the product up to the kilogram scale including certificate of analysis
  • Profitability calculations for the developed processes
  • Mediation to partners for a possible plant construction


The aim of the process development is always to maximize the value added from the given raw materials and to make the process suitable for industrial production.


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ANiMOX opens development laboratory in Kaliningrad with partners BIOTECH and KSTU

A development laboratory for process development for the production of protein products from residues of the food industry in the Kaliningrad area was opened on 09.11.2017 by ANiMOX...

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Lecture by Dr. Axel Höhling/ANiMOX at Proteina 2017 in Magdeburg

Axel Höhling will give a lecture at the Proteina in Magdeburg with the title: Rapeseed proteins from de-oiling residues for coating materials, detergents, cleaning agents, binders and lubricants. 

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