Raw materials

For ANiMOX, the by-products and residual materials resulting from your production are the starting point for the development of profitable products. The first task is to analyze the complex raw materials, to understand their composition and to determine the application possibilities and the added value potential.


ANiMOX focuses on the processing of protein-containing animal and plant based raw materials from the food industry, agriculture and from insect production (mealworm and larvae (BSF)).


We offer you for your by-products:

  • Analysis of the composition even with complex mixtures, if necessary with balancing of individual components
  • Grinding and homogenization
  • Separation, processing and characterization
  • Preparation of test reports, balance sheets and specification sheets
  • Determination of application and marketing possibilities


Benefit from our experience with a wide range of residual materials and their possible uses in food, feed and technical areas!


Please contact us if you have any questions. Call (+49 30 63921041) or write us.









ANiMOX will be represented with a stand at BioProScale 2024 this year from 09.-11.04.2024

This year ANiMOX is again at BioProScale in Berlin with a stand

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ANiMOX in the Bio-Pat network

ANIMOX GmbH is an active member of the Bio-Pat network, which actively promotes and develops the use of innovative process analysis techniques in bioprocesses. 

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