Who We Are

ANiMOX develops processes for the recovery of valuable natural materials from protein-containing by-products and uses this technology for the production of protein-based new materials for chemistry and biotechnology. The processes, products and services offered by ANiMOX contribute to an efficient utilization of resources, improve economic and ecological balance in nature and increase the quality of all life. Our mission is to become the leading mid-sized company in the development of new technologies for reprocessing of organic materials, especially protein-containing by-products and waste materials.

To achieve this goal we have heavily invested in research and development. ANiMOX is an innovative company that has in its short history already registered several patents and trademarks. We set the highest standards for the expectations of our employees and the quality of our work so that our clients always receive efficient and reliable service. ANiMOX complies with the laws and regulations as determined by industry standards while simultaneously ensuring compliance with social values and corporate responsibility.

Company Management

ANiMOX’s executive board represents the company in dealings with third parties and strives to steadily increase its corporate value and reach its stated business goals. The Executive Board consists of the managing director and partner Dr. Axel Höhling, the managing director Mr. Thomas Grimm and the legal representative attorney Mr. Norman Höhling.


ANiMOX was founded in 2003 by economist Dr. Axel Höhling, biochemist Dr. Maria Schultze and process engineer Sigmar Mothes. Since the beginning, ANiMOX has been dedicated to the perfection and enhancement of its proprietary process. We produce protein hydrolysates from the by-products and production residues of food industry, develop new materials for protein chemistry and provide culture media for biotechnological purposes. Today ANiMOX is an internationally active mid-sized business.


The laboratories and the technical center of ANiMOX are located in the science, business and media site of Berlin-Adlershof (WISTA) and have been at the ZMM building (Center for Microsystems technology and Materials) since 2011.


ANiMOX will be represented with a stand at BioProScale 2024 this year from 09.-11.04.2024

This year ANiMOX is again at BioProScale in Berlin with a stand

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ANiMOX in the Bio-Pat network

ANIMOX GmbH is an active member of the Bio-Pat network, which actively promotes and develops the use of innovative process analysis techniques in bioprocesses. 

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