The products generated from either animal or vegetable materials can be divided into three main product groups: highly pure protein derivatives, fats/oils and minerals (in some cases with high rates of phosphate).

ANiMOX focuses its product development on the preparation of protein derivatives and their user-friendly applications. Depending on the raw materials used for production, the products are applicable for either technical use or the food industry. The ANiMOX process is much more cost-effective and allows competitive pricing compared to commercially-launched, imported products.

Technical Applications

The protein hydrolysate ANiPept™ is a water-soluble peptide and amino acid mixture with a significant amount of reactive groups. Its diverse functional properties have been tested as a base product or a component in chemical industries for the manufacturing of adhesives, surfactants, foams, polymers, coatings, films and packaging materials as well as biotechnological applications, especially the cultivation of microorganisms.


Protein-containing by-products from food processing provide the basis for production of premium-quality supplements and other types of food products. For those applications we are developing both the novel protein derivatives and the necessary integrated sub-processes.